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Hi! I’m Rajie, I specialize in helping you

harmonize your heart and mind

by transforming the way you think and feel

about yourself and life.

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Do You Want To Think More Clearly & Make Better

Decisions Aligned With Your Soul?

A large portion of the stress and anxiety we experience in life comes from a deep inner-conflict, a major war waging inside of us. If you are seeking PEACE, you’ve come to the right place. As a transformational coach, these are some common problems I’ve helped myself and others integrate.

  • overthinking
  • repetitive thoughts
  • negative self talk
  • overwhelm and depressive tendencies
  • low self-worth, confidence & esteem

  • lost and confused about purpose and mission
  • heartbreak and grief
  • fear of failure, abandonment, rejection, success
  • reconciling with your Creator

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My Sessions

Harnessing the Power Within:

Online Sessions for Spiritual Growth

Drawing on my 20 years of experience in meditation, psycho-spiritual practices, from HeartMath to Accelerated Evolution, and the science behind the power of intention, these online sessions are designed to support you in exploring any challenge you're facing with depth and compassion. I’ve personally gone through all of the challenges listed above and have come out the other-side ready to help guide you through. Click here to watch a bit about me and my journey.

Through open communication, active listening, and gentle guidance, we'll work together to uncover the root cause of the issue and explore it in a safe and supportive space. This process leads to a sense of integration, releasing limiting beliefs and creating room for clarity, inner peace, and freedom.

To ensure a focused and productive session, we'll hop on a Zoom while you're in a quiet, comfortable space free from any and all distractions.

I'm here to empower you on your journey towards alignment with your inner truth, and I can’t wait to meet you.

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What People Have Experienced

The Battle Within

During our session, Rajie helped me uncover what was truly at the core of my emotions. With her method, I was able to uncover my own “heart message” that lead me back to balance. Rajie’s powerful, warm energy instantly made me feel at ease. Even over a webcam, her presence radiates as she holds space for you, with an ability to empower but also comfort. I felt so much relief after working together- she lead me back to my inner truth, and I was able to face my challenge with glowing confidence, positive energy and a renewed sense of being grounded..and with those tools, solved the inner conflict I had been enduring. I felt unimaginably proud of myself and am extremely grateful for giving myself the self-care of one of Rajie’s sessions. She is a shepherd in times of unease, your vessel as you navigate your own stormy seas.

-Jess, Canada

The Perfect Reflection

Whoever you are - wherever you are - don’t just *think* of booking Rajie for a session. Pull out your diary and do it now - there’s nothing to think about.

The way she connects with you is on another level - I felt like my own self was explaining things to me. This is an extraordinary phenomenon and you will not leave empty-handed.

Thanks so much Rajie for what you have given me, I would not be able to describe the feeling in words, but I really appreciate the work you’re doing.

- Kabir, India

What Are My Feelings Saying?

I’m so grateful to Rajie for listening to my stories, and helping me work through my emotions. I wasn’t familiar with the spiritual exercise of ‘Aspectics’ before my sessions with her, and have since learned a lot. As someone who is extremely sensitive to how other people perceive me, it can be quite easy to forget to take care of myself and even love myself. My sessions with Rajie have helped me remember. Thank you Rajie!

- Shannon S. Columbia

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